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Artists and Architecture

264 presented artists

40,00 € 16 October 2015
Director of publication:
Didier Gourvennec Ogor, galeriste 
Gregory Lang, producteur des projects d'artistes, d'ouvrages et d'expositions. 
Createur du Solang Production Paris Brussels
Graphic design: Change is good assisted by Paul Atamian

For the first time, Pavillon de l'Arsenal dedicates all spaces of exhibition to the contemporary art. 56 French and international, recognized or emerging artists, question, through one of their works, to the Architecture, its problems and its stakes.

Recognized or emerging artists, question and interrogate through their works to the architecture, its problems and challenges. This bilingual publication, envisaged as an archipelago of oeuvres of art and authors' texts is the result of a research work on the ground, which gives to see artists' scene the looks of which could stimulate those of the architects.

The selection of the works established in co-commissionership and with Pavillon de l'Arsenal in an interval of limited time and on the basis of a single work by artist. Choices went to certain historic rooms or of emergent artists, discovered and experimented in the course of visits of exhibitions, fairs, collections and artist studios. We wanted to propose a not exhaustive current panorama by nature, a set of presented works simply in order alphabetical, without particular hierarchy, to leave to the reader a bigger freedom - a simple numbering by project allows to find a way.

Entrances and progresses through the work are multiple and so multiply tenfold the possibilities of links between the works. This corpus indeed has authority to arouse associations in our imaginary spaces and to encourage the organization of exhibitions in dedicated places. This publication appears as a platform allowing to generate various combinations of works and to formulate new projects.

With the contributions of:
Liliana Albertazzi, Doctor, study leader
Sarina Basta and the Nile Norman, Guardian Gulbenkian partner in the Fine arts(, Paris
Lorenzo Benedetti, Commissioner of exhibition, director of Apple arts Center, Amsterdam
Marc Donnadieu, Conservative in charge of the contemporary art to the LAM, Lille Métropole Musée of modern art, contemporary art and naive art
Pedro Gadanho, Conservative in the moma, New York, department of contemporary architecture
Hou Hanru, Art director in the maxxi, Museo nazionale delle arti del xxi secolo, Roma
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-manager of the exhibitions and the programs, and director of the international projects of the Serpentine Galleries Londres.
Sébastien Pluot, Art historian and independent commissioner of exhibitionCo-manager of Art
Jean-Louis Poitevin, Philosopher, writer, art critic and editor-in-chief of TK-21 LaRevue
Chantal Pontbriand, Commissioner of exhibitions and events, art critic, and founder of pontbriand w.o.r.k.s.
Dieter Roelstraete, Co-commissaire, Cassel
Sabrina van der Ley, Director of the department of contemporary art of National Museum of art, Structures and Design, Oslo
Jeanette Zwingenberger, Commissioner of exhibition

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Exclusive Edition and distribution: Pavillon de l’Arsenal 
19 x 30 cm, 532 pages, 400 illustrations, 40 euros 
Bilingual French and English 
ISBN : 978-2-35487-032-4


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