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Stream building, Paris 17

PCA-STREAM – Covivio

Published in March 2023

"Facing Renzo Piano's Tribunal de Grande Instance, the Stream Building is part of a revitalized urban landscape. Winner of the Réinventer Paris 1 competition, the Stream Building is a hybrid building, open to both users and residents of the Clichy-Batignolles district, offering a mixed program of workspaces, hotel residences and shops.

The unique grid, floors and technical systems allow for reversibility of use, making it a prototype of resilient architecture. The mixed wood-concrete structure takes advantage of wood's environmental qualities to limit the carbon footprint, while the sober architectural style aims to save materials. Finally, the facade treatment is differentiated according to orientation: blinds on the south-west side, single-skin on the north side and a hopped facade on the south side provide passive thermal protection adapted to the seasons. The wooden exostructure at the tip of the building becomes the support for an artistic program, with a luminous work by Pablo Valbuena.
The Stream Building has also been designed as a metabolic building with a circular function. A true resource building, the photovoltaic panels on the roof cover part of the building's energy needs, while the produce from the vegetable roof is consumed and then composted on site. The hops grown on the south-facing facade are harvested and brewed in the basement to produce an ultra-local beer for the building's bars and restaurants. As part of its ongoing concern for biodiversity, the Stream Building is criss-crossed by a vegetation fault that creates a vertical ecological corridor." - PCA-STREAM


Project owner

Hines France

Philippe Chiambaretta, PCA-STREAM

Jean-Philippe Mesguen / Salem Mostefaoui / Olivier Ouadah / Pablo Valbuena for PCA-STREAM

6 avenue de la Porte de Clichy, 75017 Paris

HQE Excellent; BREEAM Excellent; Effinergie+ label

Surface area
16 000m²

Wood-concrete structure