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Housing on Rue Robert Blache

MAO architectes - RIVP

Published in december 2022

The site is located at the intersection of three characteristic Parisian urban situations, not far from the Canal Saint-Martin. Firstly, rue Robert Blache, punctuated by small faubourgish buildings with white rendering and discreet modenature, then rue du Terrage, largely occupied by a large housing complex with carefully designed brick facades. Finally, the operation around Place Raoul Follereau enriches this urban situation, as it is an imposing housing complex, built in the early 1980s and marked by a reinterpretation of classical language, which can be described as postmodern.


Project owner

MAO architects
Fabien Brissaud, managing architect
Aurélien Ferry, architect

Ginko ingénierie (BET TCE)
VPEAS (economist)

Cyrille Lallement

1 rue Robert Blache, Paris (10th district)

RT 2012 -20

Climate plan for the city of Paris
Biobased label: CLT structure (floors/walls), Wood fiber insulation, wood joinery, linoleum floor

Surface (SDP/ SHAB)
318 m² / 263 m² of floor space

Cost of the works (HT)
1,70 M€

Wood - floors and cross-laminated walls
Wood fiber - thermal insulation
Larch - woodwork on street and courtyard
Larch - siding on courtyard
Powder coated steel - ribbed siding on street facade
Powder coated steel - railing on attic
Terracotta tiles - common areas
Canvas - blinds on woodwork
Hessian cloth - floor of apartments