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105 social housing units + 18 S.O.H.O, La Chapelle International

Jacques Moussafir Architectes and Nicolas Hugoo Architecture - RIVP - l’AUC - Espaces Ferroviaires

Published in March 2022

"The AUC's urban prescriptions defined in a rather precise way the envelope templates of the three entities of block G, insisting on the urban and architectural differentiation between "a unitary lower world" and "a diversified upper world". Our project is part of this dialectic by adding to the opposition of the base and the towers that of two blocks differentiated in terms of their expression while sharing common architectural and construction principles, such as compactness and geometric rigor, the principle of reversibility and that of differentiation and identification of housing.


Mandated architect and designer of the SOHO and Plot G2
MOUSSAFIR ARCHITECTES, Jacques Moussafir with Jérôme Hervé, Amélie Brulé, Ary Justman, Amélie Rigaud and Marty Ilievsky.

Associate architect, designer of Plot G1, the Base Façade and the Infras
NICOLAS HUGOO ARCHITECTURE Nicolas Hugoo with Julie Vinois, Sylvie Nguyen and Louise de Chatellus.

Project owner

Urban project management

Espaces Ferroviaires

Chapelle International development sector, 75018 Paris

105 housing units, including 40 social (G1) and 65 intermediate (G2), 18 SOHO (Small Office - Home Office), 2 shops and 83 parking spaces.

19 588 329 € EXCL. TAX

8 947 m² SDP (G1 2839m² + G2 4815m² + Shops and SOHO 1293m²)

BET co-contractors

BMF (economist), BATISERF Ingénierie (structure), Louis Choulet Ingénierie (Fluids and HQE), POINT D'ORGUE (acoustician)

Labels & Certification
RT2012 - V.de P. Climate Plan, H&E profile A performance option, Effinergie+.

general ENT.
Léon Grosse

Products used
Decomo prefabricated concrete, Alucoil panels, Alucobond panels, Tolartois ribbed sheet metal, BILLET exterior woodwork, SCHUCO exterior aluminum woodwork, MERMET blinds.