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8 family housing units and extension of a crèche

Jean-Christophe Quinton Architecte - RIVP

Published in March 2022

#82 - Housing in Rue Jean-Bart"In the heart of the dense 6th arrondissement, this project of eight dwellings strives to find a balance between a necessary discretion in the Parisian street and a resolutely contemporary architectural presence. Through its volume and positioning, the building completes and confirms a typical Parisian building frontage. Similarly, its vertical openings and the use of limestone allow it to be materially and formally inscribed in this environment. On the scale of the street, the project thus manifests only a discreet presence." - Jean-Christophe Quinton ArchitecteAdress


September 2021

12 rue Jean-Bart, Paris 06

8 family dwellings and extension of a crèche

Project owner

Jean-Christophe Quinton, architect
with Charles Rosenfled, architect

MOE team
Eco+construire (construction economics)
EXEDIX (structure)
AXPACAAL (fluids/thermal/HQE)

AMT (general contractor) 
Hérès (stone cutting)
Batipose (laying the stone)
Semefer (locksmithing) 
Daubigney (external wood joinery)
Laumond (aluminium exterior joinery)