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14 social housing units and two business premises

MAO architects - Paris Habitat

Published in July 2021

Near the Sacré Coeur, the plot is part of a dense faubourien fabric marked by the steep relief of the Montmartre hill. It is a corner plot, with a façade on the rue des Trois Frères and another on the rue-escalier Drevet.


Project owner: Paris Habitat
Hélène SCHWOERER - Director
Jean-Yves Bureste, head of department
Céline Dias, programme officer

Architects: MAO architectes
Fabien Brissaud, architect manager
Marine de Froberville, architect

Entreprise: Tempère Construction
Kian Kamgar, Chief Executive Officer
Florian Lauvaux, works manager
Waël Benamor, senior works engineer

Luc Boegly

32 rue des Trois Frères, Paris 18


RT 2012 -20% - Paris Climate Plan H&E Profil A

Area (SDP/ SHAB)
952 m2 + 186 m2 of the trade / 895 m2

Cost of the work (HT)
3 M€

Planning permission October 2016
Building consent September 2018
Delivery April 2021 


on street :

hand-moulded white brick
aluminium wood joinery - March colour
aluminium shutters - native rust colour
powder-coated steel railings - native rust colour

on the courtyard :
concrete - white paint
concrete staircase - anthracite grey paint
aluminium wood joinery - white colour
canvas blind - white colour