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Multi-reception nursery and family nursery

published in november 2020 Company name : BFV Architectes
Contractor : Ville de Paris

Circular economy. Making more with less.

More environmental performance, a smarter use of the floor, a better management of investment and maintenance costs, and a strong will to embody the City of Paris innovative and proactive commitment towards reusing materials and building with a concern for landscape. Thus, the solid oak façade of the building is entirely built up from reused and transformed landing doors. This wooden second skin gives to the building a sense of cohesiveness, of air, light and porosity; openness and protection. The building physiognomy, façades and green rooftop generate a new landscape in which the building itself is more perceived as part of a garden than just adjoining the street.


Company name : BFV Architectes
Office representative : Jean Bocabeille, Olivier Fassio & Jean-Brice Viaud
Contractor : Ville de Paris
Official project title : More with less 
Use : Nurseries
Completion : 2020
Design team : BFV Architectes ; BERIM (technical consultant) ; ACOUSTIQUE VIVIE (acoustic) ; BOYER (engineering) ; BELLASTOCK (recycling advise) ; LAURE PLANCHAIS (landscape)
Gross floor : 1198 m² sdp
Location : 21-23 rue de la Justice, Paris