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one building, two houses

published in november 2020
Project management: SML + NEXT architects' collective
Contracting authority: LeBozec Immobilier Group
Technical Studies Agency: Semofi, AT3E

How can the city be made denser when land is not expandable?
How can a ‘real estate product’ be created without giving up quality architecture?
By providing an answer to these questions, this private housing project located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris embodies the city's capacity to rebuild itself, to evolve and regenerate on several levels.

In order to minimise the impact on the surrounding space, the layout of the existing construction is retained. The result is a long and slender building, crowned by an asymmetrically pitched roof with loggias.
The project is inspired by the memory of the place or ‘genius loci’ by preserving the regular ‘industrial’ grid that characterised the layout of the original façade, and by rediscovering the sloping roof, the archetype at the heart of the block’s construction.
In this context of high density, almost mono-orientated to the west, and in response to the double challenge of light and breathing space, which are fundamental principles of housing quality, work is being carried out to guide the upper-most light downwards through the glass canopies as well as a succession of glass floors, to create ‘cathedral’ volumes, and to extend the living spaces outside (loggias on the top level, terraces on the ground floor).
The envelope echoes the desire for a landscaped core block. Continuing on the 5 façades, it is made of chestnut siding, with a grey tint that is close to the silvery tint that appears after the wood has aged.


Project management: SML + NEXT architects' collective
Agence SML (Clémence Eliard)
Next Architectes Paris drl (Sarah Wybier & Gabriele Pierluisi)
Contracting authority: LeBozec Immobilier Group
Technical Studies Agency: Semofi, AT3E
Companies: separate bodies
Programme: 2 individual dwellings
Location: Paris 15th (75)
Surface area: 393 sqm floor area / 370 sqm habitable surface area
Cost: €1.15 M excl.
Delivery: August 2020
Job site: 2017-2020
Studies: 2016-2017