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hostel and reception centre PAUL MEURICE

Paris 20

Published in February 2019

"For this home and reception centre for disabled adults initiated by Paris Habitat for the Philanthropic Society, we wanted to offer a desirable and generous living environment for the residents and the staff who work there.

This project raises the question of a balance between controlling intimacy and opening up to the outside world. We respond carefully to them with a diversity of situations. The 22m² rooms are considered here as bright and widely open stays, which residents will be able to invest in in a sustainable way. Open-air rooms", in the form of three patios overlooking the landscape, provide an outdoor space that is significantly protected from the sounds of the city. A very large elevator serves the different floors and opens on the top level onto a vast collective terrace where you can discover the extent and complexity of the metropolis. "

Lambert Lénack 


6 Rue Paul Meurice, Paris 20


Lambert Lénack

Paris Habitat

Paris Métropole Aménagement