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Chris Marker University residence

Paris 14

Published in September 2018 Client : RATP, Logis Transports, SEDP, Crous 
Architect : Eric Lapierre Experience

"Within the limit of the available budget, the Jourdan Chris Marker University residence displays new standards : the program offers collective spaces ten times bigger then usually prevailing.

The spaces spread over all levels ; an oblique elevator connects them and provides breathtaking views of Paris. This project is built in the 14th district of Paris where the most beautiful building works are to be found ; its urban dimension revisits the "big linear scale".

Eric Lapierre Experience 


University accommodation


29 rue des Trois-Bornes, 75014 Paris

RATP - bus center
Logis Transports - university accommodation
SEDP - delegate client
Crous - university accommodation administrator 

Eric Lapierre Experience

Research department
BATISERF - structure 
FORGUE - economy
INEX - context
PEUTZ - acoustics

Floor surface area 
Total : 16 825,5 square metres

H&E - THPE (Habitat & Environnement - Très Haute Performance Energétique)

September 2018