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24 social housing - La Chapelle

Paris 18

Published in June 2016

The project is located in the historical center of the of the La Chapelle neighborhood. A barn from the 16th century, a cellar and a pavillon from the 18th century, attached to the new part of the project, bear witnesses to this agricultural period. A building facing the street dating from 1836 witness the industrial era that has totally transformed the neighborhood.

"The program consists of a major rehabilitation of 8 residential apartments and 4 shops, construction of a building consisting of 16 apartments and the creation of a 830m2 garden, a third of which is reserved as a community garden.

In this dense heterogeneous fabric of history, we wanted to achieve a smooth integration. Each facade of the building is designed according to the one facing it. The new building consists of a single material and the front cover is of corrugated iron.
In respect to the space and the projection angle of each aspect, we eliminate any type of relief be it of raingutter or 
rain water.
The windows are made of aluminum-wood with large and solid woodwork. The flaps are overhanging with 
respect to the facade, and are composed of smooth sheets, they stand in contrast with the corrugated sheet.

We asked Graphic Surgery to achieve a fresco on the pre-court side walls and porch. Their involvement is a graphic and 
poetic response to its architecture and location.

The apartments are double- or triple-oriented. We tried to increase the openings for each apartment, to make them as 
light as possible.
The garden was conceived and designed with the neighborhood associations, Ecobox and Jardin d’Alice (Alice’s Garden).
We took into consideration their experience of the garden they occupied before the construction took place."
Fred El Bekkay

Technical form

24 social housing with 8 heavy restauration, shops, community garden of 800 m2.

Authority support
Paris Habitat O.P.H.


40 & 40 bis rue de la Chapelle, 75018 Paris

3250 m2


2011 - 2016

Fred El Bekkay architecte, ALP paysagiste, Graphic Surgery artistes, PEI bet structure, Atelux bet fluides, AB-Environnement bet HQE, VPEAS économiste, Point d’Orgue acousticien