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Day-nursery Piat

paris 20

Published in April 2014

We are at the top Belleville at the foot of a vast set of social housing. Now the abandoned playing field is replaced by a slightly abstracted object, half garden half vessel of science fiction.

A densification of island center modified positively offered to the local residents.
The pistes of brass reflects bling bling clip of rap which an earthy patina will soon cover linking more still the west wall with the roof garden. It is a day-nursery, but for the local residents, it is an object landscape, built to age well.

Can an enclosed ground show itself open if we look at it in the right direction?

The day-nursery spreads high tide foot, articulated by "boxes", structured, aerated, lit by a central shed. Once inside the children forget the wall of buildings that they crossed to enter, simply because the rooms of awakening, opened on the court. The facade of this quoted has nothing more mysterious and the children can recognize the boxes which emerge from the wall curtain: a post of exchange, a room of sleep etc....

Do we have to make a choice between architectural quality and commitment on the environmental plan?

Compact shape and very good natural lighting, successful envelope, important debits of renewal of air, materials examined basis. "Most" are invisible: approach ACV ending in a structure steel and wood, opening motorized enslaved for the night-VN in summer, tumble-dryer seals to protect the waterproofness of the building, many details... The roof garden is more symbolic, it evokes what we know  and what we learn to know but she speaks especially about this very strong link between architecture and vegetable which sometimes generates attractive things.

WRA architects 


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