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Silos 13, Paris left side of river

Paris 13

Published in June 2014

This construction of the distribution center of Cements Calcia is to be considered as a preliminary operation in the implementation...

"This construction of the distribution center of Cements Calcia is considered as a preliminary operation in the implementation of the project of development of the sector of Bruneseau Nord of the URBAN DEVELOPMENT ZONE Paris Rive gauche, 13th Paris. 

The scale of objects on the site transforms the industrial facilities into an urban sculpture. We understand immediately the magic of the mass. The individual becomes few things with regard to the work.

The road activities (the platform), pilotings and control (the laboratory) and administrative follow-up (the offices) are associated in the global composition. The laboratory and the offices are gathered in two egg-shaped volumes, sorts of inhabited silos, among which one set in the ground and the other one crashed on piles in the alignment and in corbelled construction of the street Bruneseau.

The platform, the laboratory, the offices and the roof of silos are bound by a vertical volume which wraps a staircase and a goods lift.

This concrete egg-shaped cylindrical  is gradually perforated towards its summit. It counterbalances the mass of silos and plays the role of signal due to architecture, setting-up close to the ring road and night-lighting.

From a technical device, the project metamorphoses into a unique landscape dedicated to the material which it contains: silos, staircase, offices, laboratory and ground are made of concrete. No peculiarity separated pieces, the processing is general and unique. The constructed volumes spring from the ground". 

VIB Structures


Architecture : VIB Architecture
Builder : SEMAPAExploitant : Ciments Calcia
Manager : Ciments Calcia