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Day-nursery in Orteaux


Published in April 2014

The entrance to the daycare is situated on the north face, where the plot is. The lift is near the entrance. The service rooms which need an access for deliveries are situated all along the corridor, in broken lines, in between the rooms. The hall in the centre of the facility absorbs all the angular irregularities. The building’s length calls for an interior patio to provide the service rooms with natural light. It will also be important for thermal regulation, especially during summertime.

The building’s structure is made out of concrete, for acoustic and thermal reasons and it also possesses a metal cladding and isolation system. This perforated steel wall creates different lighting effects. It serves as a screen for the private resting areas. The garden and the terraces are widely accessible through large glass doors.
The garden at the end of the plot which has a maple tree and some bushes, is situated on a slop and provides an access to the public passageway.
Christelle Avenier and Miguel Cornejo


Architect : Avenier Cornejo Architectes
Builder : Ville de Paris, Direction des familles et de la petite enfance
Operation's direction : Direction du Patrimoine et de l'Architecture
Sector's developer : SIEMP