Pavillon Circulaire

fabrication of objects by reusing material

24 October 2015 - 03 January 2016

Pavillon de l'Arsenal and designers of the Premices collective propose in partnership with THE BHV SWAMPS, in Sundays, November 29th and December 6th, workshops "up-cycling" to make wooden objects from the falls of the construction of circular pavillon.

During COP 21, BHV MARAIS welcomes Workshops " Chute libres " in the store. 

The waste of some is the resources of others! From wooden offcuts of the store BHV MARAIS, in the afternoon, Pavillon de l'Arsenal and the designers of Collective Beginnings invite you to create responsible, original and custom-made objects, but also to learn about the manufacturing and about the pleasure to build together.

The material can be cut, drilled, assembled, sanded to give life to new objects. Inspired by forms proposed by the designers of the collective Prémices or by his/her own idea, every participant can then leave with his lamp, his stool or his shelf …


On Sunday, November 29th, 15h00-18h00 

On Sunday, December 6th, 15h00-18h00 

Rate: 22 euros per capita 10 people per workshop 
Inscription: click here

go out subway station: Hotel de Ville
Access workshop: entrance underground