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imagine your own ecologic housing

marionnet show and workshop

24 October 2015 - 20 December 2015

Every Saturday and Sundays in the circular Pavillon, the participative show around a huge model of a building (2m40 of top) which invites the children to wonder to live him together, the ecological housing environments by limiting the consumption and the wasting.

" Imagine your ecological building " is a participative show intended for the young audience (4-12 years)  for frame a huge model of a 3-storey building (2m40 of top).

In an unpublished workshop and guided by the puppeteer, they wonder about the manners to return their more environment-friendly housing environment by limiting the consumption and the wasting of raw materials and not renewable energies.
The children discover, with the participative show of puppets, the specificities of twelve inhabitants of the building of 42 street Maile Angers and the relations between their lifestyles and their built environment. 

Forts of these reflections, the children apply then these first principles of circular economy by fitting out the housing model of their favorite character, for whom they choose according to his tastes and uses materials of re-use and thrifty "ecological" equipments in water and energy.


Workshop show 
Imagine your ecological building
Managed by Fanny Tassel, architect, co-founder of Plus+mieux creation

Modalities of registration
Every Saturday and Sunday from October 24th till December 20th included (excepted on November 21st). 
The workshop - show of Saturday, 28 and Sunday, November 29th is cancelled exceptionally . Thank you for your understanding. 
Schedule: 11 hours 
Duration: 2 hours compulsory Registration: info@pavilloncirculaire.com (closure of the registrations every Friday at 6:30 pm or on the spot that very day according to the available places). 
Price list: 8 euros by child (regulation on the spot)

The parents can stay and accompany the child during the workshop or have a coffee in circular pavillon