Les Grands Voisins

Ancient hospital Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Paris 14

Film November 2016 Aurore Association
Plateau Urbain 
Yes We Camp 
"Actually, we wanted to create a microcosm in order to extend our social work, with combined activities. It strengthens Aurore’s social services,  and create a benevolent space around the people we host, to enable them to reconnect with society and work."
William Dufourcq, head of the place "Grands Voisins", Aurore association's member

"So we tried to connect these empty venues with the project holders, by getting in touch with the landlords and advocating for the benefits of the temporary takeovers, not only on an economic perspective but also on an urban and social scale : answering these temporary requests can meet the needs of an area which haven’t been fulfilled yet."
Jean-Baptiste Roussat, General Secretary geographer and urban planner, Plateau Urbain association

"The idea is to shift the perspective, while providing people with the necessary comfort to forget that you’re in a former wasteland or an abandoned hospital. We worked around the notion of imagination. We wanted to entertain as many people as possible (...)"
Aurore Rapin, manager "Grands Voisins", Yes We Camp association

Les Grands Voisins
Adress : 82, avenue Denfert-Rochereau, 75014 Paris
Surface area : 3,4 hectares
Espaces couverts : 52 000m²
600 hosted people
250 companies
500 employees and entrepreneurs
350 visitors/day

Films Paris Solidaire

"The Solidarity of Paris
Temporary locations to respond to the urgency of the situation
Locations embodying constructive, social, human challenges 
Locations that explain a way of sharing the city, a way of meeting together, a collective story.

For each location, a film.

Films in movement
To roam about these spaces that strive to show their welcome and their generosity
To show the mobilization of those who have built and breathed life into these venues
To express this new momentum.

"Les Grands Voisins" [Neighbors], Ancient hospital Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Paris 14
Migrant reception center, Porte de la Chapelle, Paris 18
"The Promise of Dawn", Emergency shelter, Porte de Passy, Paris 16
Reception area to host Travellers, Bois de Vincennes, Route de Gravelle
Emergency Shelter Paris-Ivry, Ivry-sur-Seine, 94200"
Stéphane Demoustier, Année Zéro

Production : Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Executive production and réalisation Stéphane Demoustier, Année Zéro
Images Cyrille Lallement, Guillaume Foresti
Editing Ugo Vouaux-Massel
Original soundtrack Rémy Moncheny
Translation : Emile Bertherat