#81 - Le Cèdre cultural space, Asnières-sur-Seine

Guillaume Ramillien Architecture - Citallios

09 September 2021

"The reconstruction on site of the Le Cèdre socio-cultural centre, enriched with new services for young people and families, is the last "piece" of the ANRU urban and landscape requalification project for the Hauts d'Asnières district. All the social, cultural and symbolic functions of the district are brought together there with the aim of pooling resources - human, material and energy - and encouraging their synergies.

The S-shaped building figure organizes the different poles of the programme in its wings around the central atrium. By folding, the architecture offers a "place to stand" for three gardens around the preserved cedars. In the face of climatic disturbances, the project questions the foundations and contours of a new aesthetic with the choice of wood, spruce and Douglas fir. The architecture expresses the structural rationality of its construction. The efficient necessity of the prefabricated elements produces an order of posts and beams that the orientation of the openings, the white brick cladding and the slope of the zinc roofs situate and distinguish. "Guillaume Ramillien, architect




Centre socioculturel ossature bois (Accueil collectif de mineurs + Maison de quartier)


1 595 m2 sp

Démarche HQE Haute Qualité Environnementale
THPE RT2012 -20% (75 kWhep/an/m2)
E+C- énergie 2 carbone 1
Bâtiment biosourcé niveau 3Labels

Project owner
Citallios pour la ville d'Asnières-sur-Seine

Project manager
Guillaume Ramillien Architecture

Film production
Pavillon de l'Arsenal

Executive production and direction
Stéphane Demoustier et Benoit Martin, Année Zéro

Cyrille Lallement, Benoît Martin 

Paul Desmazières 

Original music