#84 - Housing, shops and nursery, Bruneseau, Paris 13

Tania Concko architects urbanists - Paris Habitat

Published in juily, 2022

The project seizes the opportunity to densify “towards the sky” to demonstrate its relevance to specific territories, at the articulation of multiple contexts. It combines density and the pleasure of living, preserving the essential balance of the perception of emptiness and fullness. Its fundamental issues concern the quality and generosity of the housing in its environment and are based on a strong ambition: to take up the challenge of social links and cultural sharing with the creation, in addition to the elements of the defined programmes, of places that bring the inhabitants together around their uses.


Bruneseau, B1A4, ZAC PARIS RIVE GAUCHE, Paris 13eme

64 social housings+ 60 Studios for immigrants + Crèche 44beds + Shops 900m2 + Working spaces 400m2

11 000 m2

17M euros

Paris Habitat

Tania Concko architects urbanists

Film production
Pavillon de l'Arsenal

Executive production and direction
Stéphane Demoustier end Benoit Martin, Année Zéro

Image and editing
Cyrille Lallement, Téo Sizun, Ludovic Denizot-Fauconnet

Original music
Yehezkel raz