#80 - Rehabilitation and elevation in wood structure

Julien Boitard and Mike Nikaes, JBMN Architectes - LINKCITY

05 July 2021

"Located on the Place de la Nation, this five-storey wooden structure is installed above an existing business that remained open during the construction period. It houses a 192-bed youth hostel. The set-back of the attic volume allows the connections with the two adjacent buildings to be treated while offering the restaurant a panoramic terrace.

From a constructional point of view, the façade is composed of prefabricated elements built around massive wooden bearing walls, insulated from the outside and covered with ventilated mineral panels. The bays are made of double leaf wooden joinery with a metal railing in front. "- JBMN Architects, Julien Boitard and Mike Nikaes


28 bis Place de la Nation,75012 Paris


200-bed youth hostel and roof-top restaurant

Surface area
1,120 m² GFA
1,160 m² net floor area

Project owner

Project management
JBMN Architects Julien Boitard Mike Nikaes

Architecture Pelegrin

Film production
Pavillon de l'Arsenal

Executive production and direction
Stéphane Demoustier and Benoit Martin, Année Zéro

Photography and editing
Cyrille Lallement, Guillaume Foresti, Ludovic Denizot-Fauconnet

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