#70 - Centre européen du judaïsme

Paris 17

"Today we are at the European Centre for Judaism (EJC) in Paris, near the Porte de Champerret in the Place de Jérusalem.
The building is composed of three programmatic entities: an office building, a "school" building and a part intended for the public which includes a synagogue, a multipurpose hall and exhibition rooms. This ensemble makes a cultural and religious building.
The building makes reference to the landscapes of Israel, notably through the use of massive stones that refer to the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem, the ancient wall of the City of David.
In a space such as the synagogue it is essential to have a sufficiently large amount of light to illuminate the whole space. One can then note a particularly interesting play between the morning light, whose rays penetrate the space frontally, and the afternoon light which crosses the rays, perpendicular to the back window.
This is the first time that a place of worship is positioned at the intersection of streets: the synagogue is visible from the outside and thus marks the intersection of the crossroads.
If the building is perceived as a whole it was therefore essential to work on the landscaped element. The garden is thus presented in the form of two continuous slopes that allow a gentle progression towards the building.
In the combination of spaces, the offices benefit from a remarkable exposure. Facing due south, they enjoy a particular situation with a view of the north of Paris in a cinematoscopic configuration that creates a singular relationship between where I am, what I see and what I enjoy. »
- Stéphane Maupin, architect


218 rue de Courcelle, Paris 17

CJE - Centre Européen du Judaïsme

Stéphane Maupin and Bruno Féchet

Team project
Bruno Fléchet
FVAI Engeneering

Execution production
Stéphane Demoustier, Benoît Martin, Année Zéro

Image and editing
Cyrille Lallement, Guillaume Foresti, Clara Saunier

Original music
Rémy Moncheny