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Going Gray...


Could co-housing for seniors in fact be paving the way for upgraded contemporary housing programs—“gone gray”? Created in 2022, the travelling version of the exhibition "Going Gray..." invites us to discover new housing types designed by and for seniors. This research conducted by Bond Society gives food for thought into considering new forms of architecture and governance that are capable of accommodating senior citizens well into old age.

As France’s population is aging rapidly and elderly care facilities are increasingly being called into question, the “Coup de vieux” [Going Gray] exhibition invites us to discover new housing types designed by and for seniors. Imagined together with their future residents, these projects are inventing other ways of considering, financing, programming, and building housing units that meet the expectations of populations looking for alternative solutions and lifestyles that allow them to stay at home. Their desires combine the principles of mutual support and solidarity with forward-looking ambitions in terms of ecological construction and improved spaces.

The architects of Bond Society have analyzed the experiences shared by men and women who have launched, supported, commissioned (and sometimes even self-built) such projects, ultimately living there. New practices are revealed, providing both a source of inspiration and projection.


Exhibition created by Pavillon de l’Arsenal, 2022
Under the curatorship of
Christelle Gautreau, architect, Bond Society
Stéphanie Morio, architect, Bond Society

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