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Provision of our exhibitions in France and abroad

Explain the architecture and present the future of Paris in France and abroad.

Pavillon de l'Arsenal exports the urban know-how of the city of Paris and of French and Parisian architects through the presentation of travelling exhibitions. These exhibitions provide an opportunity for professionals of different nationalities to meet and strengthen links with cities and similar organisations in France and abroad.

These exhibitions are made available free of charge to the institutions that host them.
The only costs incurred are those of transport, installation and insurance, as well as the transport and accommodation costs of a manager from the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, responsible for coordinating the installation of the exhibition and representing our institution at the inauguration.

Available Exhibitions :


For all inquiries about the traveling exhibitions, please contact us at infopa@pavillon-arsenal.com.
You will find on each page of the exhibitions available for touring the data sheet of the exhibition.