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portrait of a metropole

from May to August 2014

Sientific curator : NP2F, Thierry Mandoul architects

A few days before the opening of the big world and Parisian sportive events, " Sports, portrait of a metropolis " questions the links between sports and city, between architecture and game(set,play), between the urban history and the new practices of the public place.

To report the plurality of the uses and the diversity of places, this demonstrationintended for all the public, for the sportsmen, for the lovers of Paris, for the amateurs and for the professionals, for the followers of the games and the leisure activities, comes in exhibition, work, conference, live broadcasts, night-factual, urban walks, wrinkles and initiations into more than 14 sports on a "playground", a short-lived playground installed in front of Pavillon de l'Arsenal. 

Along the Seine, on the roof of buildings, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, between paving stones and toursof the Defense or the Olympiads, in cafés or on squares, bybicycle or in roller, the weekend or to the office(desk), the Inhabitants of the Ile-de-France exert themselves for the pleasure of the physical effort, the interview of their health, the overtaking of one, and moments of user-friendliness. 

The Ile-de-France counts more than 28 000 installations, but the sportsmen of Ile-de-France, always more numerous, also invest the city in a spontaneous way to run, to play, to climb, to pedal... According to its multiple evolutions, the sport never went away from its essential dimensions: the social and generational mix, the report favored to the public place and the excellence. These multiple practices which conjugate from now on with our new urban culture redefine the role and the status of the big sports temples but also question all the constructions and the arrangements of tomorrow. When the sport expresses itself as the favorite leisure of the French people, when the employees always demand more spaces of fitness, when the city displays every weekend successfully as the biggest playing field, raises itself the question of the manufacturing of our living environment to meet the expectations of each. 

Confided to a team of young architects and town planners, prize-winners of the Albums of the Young Architects, NP2F and to Thierry Mandoul, architect and primary school teacher national superior of architecture, the exhibition and the reference book, raises a unique atlas of places and sports practices of the Grand Palais in Big Paris. Their searches also go back in time to make re-appear the big events and to reveal to the visitors and to the spectators both the sports of today and the equipments of yesterday and of tomorrow: wood in banks, very big soccer stadiums to those of rugby, tennis or multisports of tomorrow, first hybrid buildings to welcome theater, gymnasiums and swimming pools in the reconversion of parking lot or shops, baths on the Seine in the miniaturization of the activities to golf city-dweller, or ski in Ile-de-France as we already learned about the pleasure of the glide in 1969 in the Les Halles of Baltard. The new routes of the cyclists, the runners, the marathon runners, rollers, walkers, are also put compared to those of the skaters or followers of the parkour. These innovative or forgotten manners, these known places are reinterogated


Exhibition created by Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Sientific curator : NP2F, Thierry Mandoul architects


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