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4 Mixed used building developments

RATP group housing and maintenance workshops

Exhibition presented from October, 20 to November, 27 2016

Pavillon de l'Arsenal is presenting the exemplary approach of the RATP Group, which combines the development of its industrial sites and the creation of urban housing. The exhibition showcases 19 architectural design proposals for its Place d'Italie, Vaugirard, la Villette and Saint-Ouen sites.

 Often, industry leaves the city. Whether it be for surrounding towns or the other side of the world, the warehouses, factories and depots are dismantled and transformed into museums, entertainment venues, offices and lofts. As part of the modernization or creation of its maintenance sites, the RATP Group strives to strike a balance between preserving industrial facilities in city centers and creating urban housing.

This strategy gives rise to stimulating situations, to innovative architecture. Both new construction and restoration demonstrate the urban and architectural potential of bringing together housing and Industry. Each operation also bears witness to the designers’ commitment to producing buildings that exemplify quality work and domesticity.

The four consultations presented here highlight the model for transforming cities from within, at all levels and for all of their uses. Through blueprints, films, mock-ups and perspectives, the exhibition unveils this other perspective on productive cities.


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