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Paris, visite guidée

architecture, urbanisme, histoire et actualités

Sold out 17 February 2009
Director of publication:
Philippe Simon, architecte

Book only in French

Paris visite guidée gives an insight into the city’s historical make-up through its accumulated architectural and urban transformations over the past 1,000 years.

Since Philippe Auguste, our city was the object of uncountable transformations: protection, with the successive surrounding walls, the embellishment, with the walks, the parks and the gardens, the big Haussmann transformations, the development of the urban services and the vast public transport network, without forgetting the remarkable buildings which, every period, came to enrich the capital.

Paris, guided tour, stories and news proposes, a walk at the heart of this history, urging us, in the course of streets and buildings, to discover the track of the successive times which drew the face of our city.

When the future of Paris is going to build itself around Paris Métropole, which urban forms to imagine around the beltway? What perspectives for the Crown of Paris, which evolutions for a sustainable city?

This guide gives keys to understand the future of Paris. He calls back that Paris is also the fruit of finally constant wishes and aspiration in the course of the history. This approach will allow you to understand better the changes of today and to be an actor of those of tomorrow …

The map joined to the work guides the walker in Paris, placing buildings presented in the book and distributing streets by period of "creation". So, it allows to understand the visible landscape, through the return of disappeared landscapes or just limited.


Editions of Pavillon de l’Arsenal Editions A. & J. Picard 
224 pages , 15 x 21 cm, 310 illustrations, 28 euros
ISBN : FR : 978-2-35487-005-8 / 978-2-7084-0840-1
US : 978-2-907513-94-4 / 978-2-7084-0791-6

Book is available in english