00. Introduction

14 November 2007
The Pavillon de l'Arsenal building, in the heart of historic Paris, was designed by the architect Clément between 1878 and 1879 and renovated by the architects Bernard Reichen and Philippe Robert in 1987. Over time, it has become a centre for information, documentation and exhibition of Parisian architecture and urban design. The Pavillon de l'Arsenal is a unique space where the city's urban landscape and architectural projects are made accessible to the general public. The permanent exhibition, Paris, A Guided Visit, retraces the city's structural evolution within an 800m2 space with the goal of conveying to all an understanding of the cityscape of today and tomorrow. Over the course of twelve sequences, the exhibition reconstructs the creation of the city's enclosures and borders right to the end of the 20th century. Thus, visitors are invited to travel through time and discover the history of a city in a continuous state of flux.


Paris visite guidee, the city, history and actuality
Audio guide created by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 2007

Conception & realisation and executive production :
Stéphane Demoustier, Benoît Martin, Annéezéro

English voice :
Margeaux Lampley

Sound :
Vincent Rouffiac

Additional images :
Etienne Cannavo featuring Jennifer Decker