AI & Architecture


Conference organized on the occasion of the exhibition Artificial Intelligence & Architecture

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already spread to a number of industries and disciplines, giving them the means to face new challenges and enabling operations that used to be too complex. Its use in architecture is still in its first steps, but the first results are promising, showing the way to many new possibilities.

Designed by Stanislas Chaillou, an architect and researcher, the “AI & Architecture” exhibition takes us through the main stages of an evolution that started from the studies on Modularity, Computer-aided Design (CAD), Parametrics and, finally, Artificial Intelligence. It also explores the current scales of experimentation: plans, elevations, structures and perspectives in which AI could already make a contribution, real or speculative.

This event, produced by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, showcases for the first time the minds who have initiated a dialogue between technology and discipline. It brings together concrete examples, recent results from various fields of research carried out by university labs and international operators to allow everyone to understand the hybridization of practices.

Research presentation from
Stanislas Chaillou, Architect and Researcher in artificial intelligence - Harvard University
Bastien Dolla, Co-founder of HABX
Anders Kvåle, Co-founder and President of Spacemaker