#72 - The Rail Farm

Paris 19

Film published in september 2020

"It's a project born of people from the neighborhood who had aspirations on both social and nature issues in the city. It's a place open to the neighborhood that welcomes the public in the restaurant and people in integration who find here a place to live and a place to work. The farm develops around the vegetable garden that we wanted to be as bright as possible, as bathed in light as possible.

There is an activity building and a second one that houses housing. These are wood frame buildings with straw insulation and additional insulation of recycled cotton. There has been a lot of consultation with the residents around and also with the elected officials of the 19th arrondissement and the City of Paris, who have been very supportive. This approach, which consists of taking care of both nature and people, is now a necessity to be put at the heart of the projects. " Clara Simay et Julia Turpin, Grand Huit


19 rue de Thionville, Paris 19



Grand Huit

Execution production
Stéphane Démoustier, Benoit Martin, Année Zéro

Guillaume Foresti, Téo Sizun 

Alexis Bertrand

Orignal Music
Rémy Moncheny