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Cosa Mentale


Lecture Friday 25 October 2019 at 7 PM With Giorgio Azzariti, Bernard Quirot, Peter Märkli,
architects and authors

Lecture organised by Cosa Mentale at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal

"Bernard Quirot is an architect. He is with his whole body. Bernard Quirot reminds us that architecture engages us entirely. That this commitment obliges us, both to a culture and to tradition, and also obliges us to take a stand on the role of the architect in our society and on the conditions under which he or she works. The author gives us his theoretical foundations and evokes, through his own journey, a critical vision of the complexification of the world". 
Cosa Mentale

"To enter into Peter Märkli's imagination, we cannot simply retrace chronologically the various stages that marked his training: the meeting with the architect Rudolf Olgiati, the years spent at the ETH Zurich, the strong bond with the sculptor Hans Josephsohn. "In Search of a Language" reads the work of Peter Märkli, considering the legacy of his artistic fathers, who were continually rediscovered - both in his architecture and in his drawings - through an unceasing search in the attempt to grasp its essence." 
Cosa Mentale