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A City's beauty in Bucarest

itinerancy at Casa Mița Biciclista, Romania

Exhibition presented from 18 May to 2 July 2023

The exhibition "A City's beauty" travels to Bucharest from 18 May to 2 July, on the occasion of the opening to the general public of the first cultural season of Casa Mița Biciclista Stabiliment Creativ, organised by ARCEN.

What makes a city beautiful?
Is it the city’s site, morphology, buildings, gardens, materials, or surfaces? Its residents, fragilities, hospitality, environments, or measure? How is the urban esthetic defined? Is it based on the projects and constraints of each passing century? And what forms would go with the climate transition?

The timing of this exhibition couldn’t be more relevant as the esthetics of the French capital are being questioned by the municipality and a new manifesto recently released, the government is upgrading urban regulations, and Parisians are now stating their willingness to participate in these discussions. Just after the beginning of the second lockdown (in the fall of 2020), Pavillon de l’Arsenal gathered more than fifty architects, artists, curators, historians, landscape designers, philosophers, sociologists, and urban planners… in order to discuss what makes Paris beautiful.


Exhibition presented from 18 May to 2 July 2023
Casa Mița Biciclista
Strada General Christian Tell 11, 010382 Bucharest (Romania)

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Exhibition created by Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 2021
with the contributions of the authors of the publication:
Isabelle Backouche, Jean-Christophe Bailly, Isabelle Baraud-Serfaty, Julie Beauté, Alessia de Biase, Nathalie Blanc, Bernadette Blanchon, Jeanne Brun, Pierre Caye, Paul Chemetov, Philippe Clergeau, Jean-Louis Cohen, Michaël Darin, Chantal Deckmyn, Nicola Delon, Fannie Escoulen, Mariabruna Fabrizi, Yann Fradin, Alexandre Gady, Laure Gayet, Nicolas Gilsoul, Maria Gravari-Barbas, Luc Gwiazdzinski, Antoine Lagneau, Paul Landauer, Éric Lapierre, Emma Lavigne, Laurent Le Bon, Nicolas Lemas, Bertrand Lemoine, Joachim Lepastier, Agnès Levitte, Sandrine Marc, Sébastien Marot, Guillaume Meigneux, Nicolas Memain, Raphaël Ménard, Mathieu Mercuriali, Carolina Mudan Marelli, Soline Nivet, Patricia Pelloux, Antoine Picon, Denyse Rodríguez Tomé, Mathias Rollot, Dominique Rouillard, Jean-Michel Roy, Richard Scoffier, Philippe Simon, Agnès Sinaï, Simon Texier, Géraldine Texier-Rideau, Kelly Ung, Julie Vaslin, Gwenola Wagon, Chris Younès, Ornella Zaza