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student housing, future project

25 June 2013 - 01 September 2013

One hundred years of unique and passionate evolution are contained within the space of modern student accommodation. From the humblest of abodes, to accessibility for all, from campus to shared accommodation, from cells to prefab housing, from a single room to housesharing, student housing is an architectural hybrid which has been at the crossroads of culture, technique and sociopolitical as well as educational ambition since its birth at the beginning of the 20th century.

Student housing was at the heart of architectural research as is demonstrated in this panorama of exemplary projects in the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue. Taking both a historic and a contemporary view ranging from Le Corbusier’s Swiss Pavillion to Claude Parent’s Maison de l’Iran in Paris, from Simmons Hall by Steven Hall in Cambridge to the very recent Basket apartments by the agency Ofis, the architect Eric Lapierre uses around fifty projects to exemplify the historic evolution of this multi-faceted vein of architecture which is constantly in flux. The ID Campus competition has taken the chronic lack of student housing head on and turned itself into a true operational research lab and satisfies a universal need as well as the creation of Grand Paris. The winning projects of the competition will be revealed during the exhibition and will result in the construction of more than 1,000 hosuing units. The ID Campus competition is the first attempt to unify conception, innovation, constuction and regional strategy. The exhibition and its catalogue present the work of the winners as well as all of the15 agencies who were called to submit their projects. The diversity of solutions and sites selected provide the groundworks for new thought processes on urban context, the comfort of usages and accessibility, the form shared housing can take on, modular construction, durability and the integration of new technology into student life. Using models and interviews with architects, plans, bisections and perspectives, the exhibition examines these submissions and compares them to gain an understanding of the stakes, both problematic and possibilities of student housing of the future.


Exhibition created by Pavillon de l'Arsenal
In partnership with Bouygues Immobilier and Constructions and Urban Developements