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e2 Contest

350 projects for a ‘voyage into urban conditions’

17 January 2002 - 23 February 2002 Scientific curator : Groupe E2 

Scenography : Groupe E2

With the goal of revealing alternatives in urban conditions, the e2 contest, an international architectural competition via the Internet, elicited entries from 1258 teams, composed of new generation architects and urban planners from 67 countries.

Launched by the e2 group, an association of young architects and urban planners involved in various research projects surrounding the theme of inert-space in urban contexts, the e2 contest was accompanied by the publication of the e2 book, which retraced the adventure. Physical voids in urban territory, these "inter-spaces" include all the undefined places that generate a feeling of strangeness or ambiguity, and which have exceptional potential for architectural research and design. The jury was composed of the following members: Dominique Perrault, architect - Michel Desvigne, landscape designer - Frédéric Migayrou, Chief Curator of Architecture & Design at the Pompidou Centre - Francis Rambert, journalist, critic - Albert Ferré, designer with Actar editions - Stéphane Couturier, photographer. The exhibition presents 350 projects: the 5 winning projects chosen by the jury, the 25 projects short-listed by the technical commission, the 66 other projects selected by the technical commission, and the remaining 254 submissions.


Exhibition created by Groupe E2 and hosted by Pavillon de l'Arsenal 
Jacques Cadilhac, architecte
Cédric Cornu, architecte
Christophe Poussielgue, architecte
Antoine Santiard, architecte
Scientific curator : Groupe E2 
Scenography : Groupe E2