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454 Projects for Paris 2012

International Architecture Competition for the Realisation of the Olympic Landmark, Paris, France

07 December 2004 - 13 February 2005

Fixed or mobile structures, inflatable architectures, monoliths,
monumental sculptures, observation towers, scaffoldings, giant stairways, ramps and stairs, nacelles, fluorescent ring compositions, stretched canvas towers, diversions of cranes, forests of urban periscopes, light shows, mirrors shows...

454 projects, from over 80 countries, for the realisation of the Olympic Landmark in Paris are presented in this book. A remarkable temporary building is intended to mark the Batignolles location to showcase its Olympian future and reveal its urban potential through a visual landmark at the heart of a location chosen by Paris 2012. The Olympic Landmark will be open to the public at the beginning of 2005 and will host an exhibition centre to introduce Paris 2012 to Parisians and to all visitors. To meet this challenge, Paris 2010 launched an international architecture competition and mandated the Pavillon de l'Arsenal to act as assistant project manager for the holding of this competition. Open to designers from around the world, anonymous and single phased, this international architecture competition was held entirely on the Web, from on-line registrations, starting June 1, 2004 to submissions for projects on September 6, 2004. The jury was composed of a number of institutions, Olympic and Paralympic champions. International architects Abalos & Herreros (Espagne), Shigeru Ban (Japon), Stefano Boeri (Italie), Eric Carlson (USA), Peter Cook (Angleterre), Finn Geipel (Allemagne), Marc Mimram (France) et Jean Nouvel (France) chose 3 award winning teams : - Explorations Architecture : Yves Pagès et Benoît Le Thierry d’Ennequin (France)*, 1st prize - ULLS : Cristian Vivas, Jordi Raventos, Gemma Serra (Espagne), 2nd prize - Achille + C : Emmanuel Bénet, James Tinel, Claude Courtecuisse, Francis Petit (France), 3rd prize 3 teams rated an honourable mention : Coste - Orbach : David Orbach, Isabelle Coste (France) / Plagaro-Cowee : Natalie Plagaro-Cowee, Espagne, Royaume-Uni / Rosman–Cartel : Jean-Christophe Rosman, Nikola Brésart, Léonard Gallegos, Jérôme Peteno, (Belgique). *L’équipe de conception est composée d’ Yves Pagès, Benoît Le Thierry d’Ennequin, Henry Bardsley et Jean-François Blassel.