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Biennale de paname

4th edition

Exhibition presented from October 24 to November 5, 2023

In a relationship of constant interdependence, urban themes and contemporary artistic productions inspire each other and reach an ever-wider audience. To enrich these links and create new interactions between artists and those involved in metropolitan production, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal is supporting and hosting the 4th edition of the Biennale de Paname. A major Parisian event between Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine and Paris, the Biennale de Paname presents a varied range of artists and works, with the aim of taking contemporary art off the beaten track. The Pavillon de l'Arsenal supports cultural initiatives that contribute to the affirmation of a metropolitan culture for Greater Paris.

La Biennale de Paname is an association dedicated to contemporary art, now in its fourth year. Presented in 2 unique venues, the event is an opportunity for visitors to encounter Art in all its forms, and artists, while enjoying an unprecedented music scene, conferences, talk-shows and other moments shared around culture.

Paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, videos, but also artistic performances and the use of new technologies. These are just some of the disciplines through which many young talents find their means of artistic expression.

The artists on show are independent and represent a creative, inspired and dynamic breeding ground. If today's art world seems to be reserved for an elite group of initiates, even more so during the Paris + Art Basel period, the Paname Biennial's aim is to open up questions about contemporary art to as many people as possible, and to bring together singular and promising universes.


Exhibition presented from October 24 to November 5, 2023
at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal 

Curated by Salomé Partouche & Jean Samuel Halifi, visual artists and co-founders of the Biennale de Paname & Atelier de Paname

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