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Parvis Notre-Dame

Four Projects for the Redevelopment of the Forecourt of the Cathedral

Exhibition presented until September 25, 2022

Concurrently to the restoration of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, the municipality has turned its eye towards the exterior, aiming to reimagine the surroundings of the cathedral. There is a twofold challenge: to reconnect the monument to the city, as well as the Seine, and to properly accommodate its 12 million annual visitors by offering a fitting setting to the monument, which should be proportionate to the passion it arouses, recently laid bare by the fire and the wave of emotions it unleashed. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, an international competition was launched in the form of a “competitive dialogue.”

After relating the historical highlights of this unique location, which was the birthplace of the French capital, the exhibition presents projects from the four teams that were invited to take part in the competition:

Antoine Dufour Architectes
with Atelier Jours, landscape and urban project management / SCENO, scenographer & museographer / Cécile Barani, designer / AIA Life Designers, project–engineering–environment management / MA-GEO, urban engineering consultancy / RR&A (Roland Ribi & Associés), consulting engineering in urban mobilities / Les Éclairagistes Associés, lighting designer / Auxilia, urban integration / Meta Atelier Acoustique, acoustical engineering / VS-A, façade designer / Abilis, pedestrian traffic engineering / Coseba, fire safety / Althing, public safety and security consultancy / Filipo Bolognese, Michail Kafasis, and Lotoarchilab Lorente & Torrijos Architects, perspectives / Virginlemon, film

Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
Grafton Architects, architect / h2o, heritage architect / Ingérop, engineering consultancy / 8’18’’, light scenography / Casson Mann, exhibition scenography / Des Signes, graphic designer, signage design / Vraiment Vraiment, support for design studies and construction site dialogue / Transsolar, environmental engineering / Cronos Conseil, urban safety and risk prevention / BMF, construction economics / Mosaic, participatory science / Urban-Eco, environmental studies

Atelier Jacqueline Osty & Associés
Bernard Desmoulin, architect / Orma architettura, heritage architect / Concepto, lighting design / Arcadis, engineering consultancy / Cronos City Lab, urban safety and risk prevention / Vanguard & Associés, construction economics / Tribu, environmental consultancy / Bellastock, re-use consultancy / Diluvial, water feature design

Bureau Bas Smets
GRAU, architect and urbanist / Neufville-Gayet Architectes, heritage architect / Ingérop, multidisciplinary engineering / Franck Boutté Consultants, environmental engineering / Les éclaireurs, lighting designer / BLD Waterdesign, water feature design / Cronos Conseil, urban safety and risk prevention


Free entry from June 28 to September 25, 2022
Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am–7 pm