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Agora du design

Exhibition presented until july 18, 2021
Investigating the production, use, and recycling of our electronic devices and digital technologies; seeking microenergy sources in individual homes; rereading a forgotten exhibition by Jean Prouvé; questioning the act of giving flowers as well as floral design; experimenting the circulation of natural light from the urban environment into our homes; exploring the potential of seaweed as a material… Pavillon de l’Arsenal showcases the six recipients of the Agora du Design Award.

 Since 1983, Agora du Design has been supporting and enabling emerging designers in their applied research projects in design, whether related to graphic, industrial, interactive, craft, or digital design. The projects, which will be on display for the first time at Pavillon de l’Arsenal, turn the environment into a source of inspiration and creativity to conduct explorations and experimentations.

 _Électronique artisanale résiliente [Resilient Craft Electronics] / Martin De Bie, 2019 Research Award recipient
Electronics and digital technologies are all around us. Can we re-examine the manufacturing and use of these connected devices by taking into account today’s environmental realities?

 _ Le Pavillon des rêves / Pablo Bras, 2019 Research Award recipient
Suburban housing is located in environments when natural forces are present. Why then not try to harness them, for instance transforming a gutter into an energy source?

 _ Un exposition oubliée : Jean Prouvé industriel du bâtiment. Réussite ou échec ? [A Forgotten Exhibition: Jean Prouvé, A Building Industrialist. Failure or success?] / Laure Garreau, 2019 Outstanding Writing Award
Can rediscovering a forgotten exhibition by Jean Prouvé help question both the past and the present of design?

 _ Offrir des fleurs [Giving Flowers] / Christopher Dessus, 2019 Curator Award recipient A harmless act for some that actually touches on a wide range of issues relating to society, esthetics, the environment, and the economy. Should design position itself between land and the bouquet?

 _ À 17h00, le soleil entre par la fenêtre Nord [At 5pm, the Sun Shines through the North Window] / Nathanaël Abeille, 2015 Research Award recipient
Sunlight can sometimes bounce off a window, bringing a beam of light into a shaded space. Can this natural curiosity be controlled in order to offer a practical, poetic, artistic, and social response?

 _ Alga 2017-2021 / Samuel Tomatis, 2017 Research Award recipient
Seaweed are marine plants that proliferate due to climate change. Can they be considered a resource?

Through videos, 1:1 scale installations, prototypes, and the experimentation of new materials, the exhibition opens up new horizons and offers new design initiatives that are more sustainable, progressive, and collective.


Exhibition presented until july 18, 2021 

Free guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am – Advance registration is required