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Maine Montparnasse

international consultation

From July 11th to September 1st

The Maine-Montparnasse international consultation was launched in March 2018 by the City of Paris and the co-owners association of the Maine-Montparnasse Tower property complex (EITMM) with the intention of reimagining this neighborhood and adapting it to more contemporary usages.

It covers 9 hectares, from Place du 18 juin 1940 (on the side of Rue de Rennes) to Place Raoul-Dautry (on the side of the train station), and from Rue de l’Arrivée to Rue du Départ, the entire stretch of tunnel on the Avenue du Maine, with the possibility of supplementing access to the Jardin Atlantique and Rue du commandant René- Mouchotte to the south.
For each one of the 4 invited international, multidisciplinary teams, composed of specialists in mobility, commerce, green space, and which have been called by the lead architecture and urban planning firms (AUC, TVK, RSHP, UAPS) more is at stake are than simply proposing a new program. It must add aspects of general interest to the existing landscape and transform this “1950-1970s modernist” urban planning into an cityscape that is more consistent with Paris’ urban fabric and better able to meet contemporary climate-related challenges.

The operational perimeter of study involves the transformation of public and private spaces, as well as of constructions. The common goals formulated during several years of dialogue conducted in the form of an urban workshop include strengthening a sense of the city, creating a neighborhood with a high diversity of activities and types of housing, improving access to the various, existing programs (most notably, the train station, the tower, the athletics center, business and offices, and the park), supporting these socially-minded metamorphoses, invigorating commercial, artisanal, and industrial activities, diversifying its cultural attractiveness, and making better use of the underground spaces. They also include transforming the public space at the pedestrian level, creating new continuities between Rue de Rennes and the train station and between east and west, adapting the outlying public spaces, and reducing the amount of space devoted to automobile traffic. 

Coming a few months after the selection of the architectural firm of Nouvelle AOM (Franklin Azzi Architecture, Chartier-Dalix, and Hardel Le Bihan) for the renovation of the Montparnasse Tower and of Lacaton Vassal architects for the rehabilitation of the CIT Tower, the Maine-Montparnasse consultation seeks to reconquer the Montparnasse neighborhood, which a hundred years ago was one of the city’s cultural engines, but which has since succumbed to the radical concrete slab urbanism that is no longer suited to Parisians’ needs and expectations.  

teams consulted

RSHP - Laureate

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Architectes-urbanistes mandataires ; Lina Ghotmeh-Architecture, Architectes associés ; Une Fabrique de la Ville, Urbanistes, programmation urbaine et bilan d’opération ; Michel Desvigne Paysagiste, Architectes-paysagistes

Ingérop, bureau d’étude structure, sécurité incendie, désamiantage (Oméga Alliance, sous-traitant), voirie et réseaux divers, économie de la construction, OPC ; Franck Boutté Consultants, bureau d’étude en développement durable ; Scet, financement de projet d’aménagement, conseil juridique montages immobiliers ; CEI, évaluation biens immobiliers et conseil financie r; Systematica, bureau d’études en mobilités : intermodalité, modélisation des flux, mobilités propres et innovantes

49 quedalle !

uapS, Architectes urbanistes mandataires; AJOA, Paysagistes

Transitec ingénieurs conseil, bureau d’étude en mobilités ; Franck Boutté Consultants, 
bureau d’étude en développement durable ; OGI, bureau d’étude VRD, phasage opérationnel, OPC urbain ; Nox ingénierie, bureau d’études structure, sécurité incendie, études désamiantage, études de bâtiment TCE, phasage opérationnel, OPC bâtiment ; BMF, économie de la construction

Oskaprod, étude de financement de projet d’aménagement, définition financière de montages immobiliers ; LIGL, définition juridique de montages juridiques ; Aber consulting, évaluations de biens immobiliers ; Alphaville, programmation urbaine architecturale paysagère et technique 

Donner place aux usages

 AUC, Architectes-urbanistes mandataires ; DATA Architectes, architectes ; Office KGDVS, architectes ; Mosbach Paysagistes, paysagistes ; Muller Van Severen, designer

Franck Boutté Consultants, bureau d’études en développement durable ; Bollinger + Grohmann, bureau d’études structure ; BMF, économiste de la construction ;  EGIS Ville & Territoire, bureau d’études transport ; EGIS Conseil, montage financier

Vraiment Vraiment, programmation ; DS Avocats, montage juridique ; EPPC, montage financier ; CITEC, bureau d’études en mobilités

Réaménagement du site Maine-Montparnasse

TVK, architectes urbanistes mandataires ; Allies and Morrison, architectes urbanistes associés ; Base, paysagistes 

SETEC, bureau d’études techniques

Cuesta, préfiguration, programmation culturelle et urbanisme transitoire ; Ville en œuvre, ingénierie en montage opérationnel et financier ; RRA ingénierie mobilité ; Alphaville, Programmation urbaine architecturale paysagère et technique, Elioth, développement durable, VPEAS, économiste; Karine Destarac, conseil juridique, IMMO G, évaluation immobilière


Exhibition designed by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Presented from July 12 to September 1, 2019
Free entry