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FROM MAY 22 TO to June 30, 2019

The area of the Eiffel Tower site is much larger than the ground it directly sits on. While the monument welcomes between 6 and 7 million visitors each year, more than 30 million tourists and Parisians pass through the surrounding areas of the site, from the Trocadéro to the École Militaire, the Champ de Mars, and the Quai Branly.

 A victim of its own success, the site and its facilities are no longer able to offer the necessary hospitality to welcome the high number of visitors. Complex pathways, encumbered pedestrian walkways, insufficient services, the poor state of the garden, and automobile traffic all constitute inconveniences that detract from visiting and properly appreciating the city’s most emblematic structure.

In May 2018, the City of Paris launched an international consultation for the redevelopment of the 54 hectares of the Eiffel Tower site. It invited 4 multidisciplinary teams of architects, planners, and landscape architects to redesign the various spaces, including the square of Place de Varsovie and the Pont d’Iéna bridge, and to rebalance them in favor of pedestrians, soft mobility, and new green spaces. This also involves creating a more fluid organization for the waiting lines at the base of each of the Tower’s four pillars and increasing the services provided, all the while respecting the limits of the structure’s capacity. The project will inspire Parisians to rediscover and take advantage of this site that is being reimagined and redesigned for everyone.

With a budget of €40M, the project to redevelop the Eiffel Tower site will provide visitors with a new, improved way to visit and experience the site. Slated for 2023, this redevelopment also seeks to address the key issues of climate, resilience, and inclusion at stake. The international consultation to redevelop the Eiffel Tower Site, “Discover, Approach, Visit,” forms part of the city’s tourism development plan, which seeks “to make Paris the most welcoming city in the world.” 


Exhibition designed by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Presented from May 22 to June 30, 2019
Free entry

Gustafson Porter + Bowman, Chartier-Corbasson Architectes, Atelier Monchecourt & Co, 
MA-GEO Morel Associés, Agence SATHY, D&A Devillers & Associés et Ariane Dienstag. 


AL_A, architectes, GrossMax, architectes, Ricky Burdett et Thierry Glachant.

KOZ architectes, Atelier Roberta, Niclas Dünnebacke, Orenoque et L’Autobus Imperial.

Agence Ter, Carlo Ratti Associati, Explorations Architecture, Leo Villareal Studio et Alphaville.