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04 February 2016 - 08 May 2016 Scenography 
Peaks, architectes 

Shortly after the end of the international juries, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal presents the winners, the 74 finalists and the 358 projects submitted by the multi-disciplinary teams that answered to the call for innovating urban projects, a world first to imagine and build tomorrow's city in an different way.

 Architects, landscape architects, urbanists, players in the real estate sector or engineers, as well as starts-up, farmers, chefs, anthropologists, artists, philosophers, fashion designers, manufacturers, specialists on energy, incubators, associative groups, residents, inhabitants … have all together rethought of a way to create an urban project.

Aquaponics, participatory habitat, co-construction, nudge, reuse of materials, cleansing, depolluting, vegetal or photovoltaic concrete, bio-façades, paper bricks, active tiles, urban farms, co-fooding areas, co-working or co-living, incubators, third-space, home office, urban camping sites; this exhibition showcases the incredible diversity in innovations put forward by all the different teams such as the programmatic, the construction, the social, the architectural, the environmental, the technological, the legal, the financial team and the team specialised in use of space.

Designed by the Peaks architects agency, the scenography, built during the course of the jury’s different deliberations, develops an open and upgradable system. Through a system of over 900m2 of models, perspectives, 3D animations, films, expert interviews and testimonies from members of the international juries, these “living archives” reveal the developed potentials as well as the ability to reinvent the city inside the city.

In order to accompany everyone in this new language of urban and architectural innovation, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal has developed, together with the start-up company called My Blue Wall, an interactive wall which allows different visitors to navigate at the same time through all the projects which are divided according to the different sites, the prizes they have won, or the alphabet book of innovations created together with the Algoé consultants. All this in a configuration resembling that of a smartphone! Together with this exhibition, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal has published a book gathering all of the proposals and this has been available in bookstores since the 20th of February. It has also prepared a programme of conferences and meetings to be held throughout a three month period with the winning teams and the innovation stakeholders in order to allow each and everyone to discover and understand better the Paris of tomorrow. 


Every Saturday at 3:00 pm, let yourself be led with a mediator and discover exhibition which presents results of "Réinventer Paris" contest.
Guided tour every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. 

Exhibition created by "Pavillon de l'Arsenal"  
Free Entrance