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Climate Matters

Rereading the Paris Agreement

Roundtable discussion on thursday 25 april 2024 at 6:30 pm with
Meriem Chabani, Founding PartnerNew South,Associate LecturerEcole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Malaquais
Felix Hofmann, Editor, Curator, and Exhibition Producer, ARCH+
Markus Krieger, Editor, Curator, ARCH+
Alexine Sammut, Architectural Researcher,Bauhaus Earth
Dubravka Sekulić, Senior Tutor, School of Architecture, Royal College of Art London
Feda Wardak, Artist, Architect

organised and moderated by
Marija Marić, Postdoctoral Researcher, Master in Architecture, University of Luxembourg
Nazlı Tümerdem, Postdoctoral Researcher, Chair of Architecture and Territorial Planning, ETH Zurich

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As part of the exhibition "The Great Repair", the Climate Matters round table will look back at the Paris Agreement, one of the most cited documents in different discussions on climate change.

Focusing on the principles of mitigation, adaptation, and development of finance policies which aim at reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and keeping the rise of global temperature below 1.5°C, the Paris Agreement is often finding its place in the conversations on design practices as well.

Still, the questions around its impact, implementation, and feasibility of its goals remain open, as new construction, material extraction, bio-sphere degradation, and war destruction, continue to shape our built and unbuilt environments. Looking back at this document, exactly 8 years after it was signed and published, this roundtable will try to reread the Paris Agreement from the point of view of critical spatial practice, asking: what is the power, as well as the limits, of such documents in creating the framework for the projects of repair across social, political, environmental, and spatial domains?


Organised as part of the exhibition "The Great Repair" presented from 7 March to 5 May 2024 at Pavillon de l'Arsenal

Exhibition produced by Pavillon de l'Arsenal and designed by ARCH+ in partnership with Akademie der Künste Berlin, Department of Architecture ETH Zürich and Master in Architecture University of Luxembourg.