Gilles Perraudin

Architects without architecture

Lecture on November 16, 2021

« Ivan Ilich insightfully analyzed that: ‘Dwelling is an activity that lies beyond the reach of the architect… Architects can do nothing but build.’

How can architects then perform their social role if their imagination is at variance with the dwelling’s function? Can architects abandon the creative dimension of their art? Can the simplicity imposed by the building techniques based on the use of natural building materials form a response to this dilemma? And is stone becoming the ‘cornerstone’ of a new paradigm in construction and architecture?
I will strive to answer these questions through a presentation of the latest projects from our workshop: completed and upcoming housing in Lyon; housing in Geneva; single-family houses in France and in Senegal; artist villas in Saint-Louis, in Senegal; and projects for gardens/stone sculptures. 
 Gilles Perraudin, architect


Tuesday November 16, 2021 at 7pm
At the Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Free entrance in accordance with the sanitary rules