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Bioclimatic Local Urban Planning

in partnership with Business Immo

Lecture on June 24, 2022

Which architectures and which rules to build less carbonated tomorrow? How to encourage renovation rather than destruction? How to encourage the transformation of offices into housing and ensure the reversibility of buildings? How can we encourage mixed use? What is an Urbascore and how does it work? The new PLU is for when and for how long? So many questions at the heart of this first meeting to exchange and debate about the future bioclimatic PLU of Paris.

Emmanuel Grégoire, First Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of urban planning, architecture, Grand Paris, relations with the arrondissements and the transformation of public policies

Stephane Lecler, Director of Urban Planning for the City of Paris

Michèle Raunet, Notary partner, Managing Director of Cheuvreux

Morning session moderated by 

Gaël Thomas, Editorial Director, in charge of content at Business Immo

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