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Parisian Part-time

What housing for Parisians part-time ?

Lecture on Friday, June 3, 2022 with
Antoine Maitre, Majma architects
Juliette Marion, LAB Cheuvreux 
Catherine Sabbah, General Manager IDHEAL

The health crisis has been the occasion for many of us to reexamine our living environment and for some, their way of working. More than before, and more often, a new organization is possible at a distance from the office. The possibility to telework draws a new organization of time and a new geography of space. The phenomenon seems to have settled in the long term. Post-confinement, it questions the relationship of companies to their premises, (size, location, occupation) as much as that of employees on their necessary proximity to their employers.

If it becomes possible and desirable for some people to live far from their workplace most of the time, where can they stay when they have to come to work for two or more days? How can we optimize these occupancy times? Which model and which lease to secure this regular cohabitation? In what type of apartment can this "second residence" be installed? Would it free up the real estate pressure in the city for those who live there on a daily basis? Could certain floors of office buildings be adapted? Can we imagine installing these habitats in new spaces?

By changing the distance between living and working, opportunities are created and a new type of habitat is to be invented. The Part-time study conducted by Majma's architects in partnership with IDHEAL and Lab Cheuvreux aims to explore an everyday subject in order to invent new ways of living part-time in the future.


Lecture on Friday, June 3, 2022 at 9:30 am, Pavillon de l'Arsenal

Research conducted by Martin Jaubert and Antoine Maitre from Majma architects
as part of the FAIRE* accelerator for innovative projects

* FAIRE accelerator of innovative architectural projects and urban design, launched by the Pavillon de l'Arsenal with the City of Paris and the support of the Caisse des dépôts, MINI and EDF