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coliving, cohabiter

Published in june 2018
Book only in French

"Would coliving be the most disruptive innovation in contemporary housing? The most stimulating experience of the 21st century real estate industry? Following the example of co-working, which in just a few years has revolutionized the tertiary industry on every continent, would this new type of cohabitation herald the typology of tomorrow's urban housing?

Virtuous and economical in its spaces, generous in its uses, flexible in its temporality, agile in its services and stimulating for its residents, coliving appears as the promise of the ideal collective habitat; particularly for the millennial generation. Carried out with the participation of thirty international venues, the HOMY study conducted by architects Christelle Gautreau and Stéphanie Morio, as part of the "FAIRE" gas pedal, questions the notions of use and space, urban planning and services, typologies and lifestyle, surface area and duration, development and professional networks. "


Winning project of FAIRE 2017, Editions du Pavillon de l'Arsenal
by Christelle Gautreau and Stéphanie Morio, Bond Society

Bilingual French / English

Format 25 x 17.5 / 184 pages / Price: 19 euros

ISBN: 978-2-35487-043-0
Graphic design: Large, Emmanuel Besse
Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris, 2018