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Pavillon de l'Arsenal joins the HouseEurope movement!

The Pavillon de l'Arsenal becomes the relay point for the European HouseEurope! movement to promote building renovation.

This European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) in favor of ecological and social architecture unites architecture centers from all over Europe around a single objective: to put forward a proposal for a European law to promote the renovation of buildings, rather than their demolition. Marion Waller, General Manager of the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, will be the French ambassador for this project.

Renovate or demolish is the first ecological choice when it comes to architecture. The demolition-reconstruction of buildings requires large quantities of resources and produces a great deal of waste, whereas the renovation of buildings builds on what already exists, better respecting the heritage and memory of the inhabitants. 

The Pavillon de l'Arsenal has long been committed to this issue, and is joining this European movement: Marion Waller, Managing Director of the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, will be the project's French ambassador. HouseEurope! is a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) launched by architects, researchers and activists to promote a different model of architecture in Europe. The initiative, presented in the form of a petition, aims to challenge European leaders and influence EU policies. HouseEurope! would like to table a proposal for a European law to promote building renovation and make the construction industry more sustainable. This ECI will be considered by the European Commission if it manages to gather the signatures of 1 million European citizens from at least 7 EU countries by January 2025. 

Throughout the project, Pavillon de l'Arsenal will be sharing the challenges of renovation with its public and relaying this initiative via events, interviews and mobilizations. 

To follow the movement, visit our instagram page 
@pavillondelarsenal, the instagram account @houseeurope.eu and the website https://www.houseeurope.eu/