Jacqueline Osty

landscaping designer

15 April 2010, 19:00
"Jacqueline Osty doesn't look for "trademark", his way to operate closer to the territory, in order to preserve its attraction and heritage of identities, landscaping, architecture and environment, is characteristic of its projects. This research of the best adaption between a place and its composants lead to attractive propositions, elaborate by mesure, in a constant two-way between the different levels of the territory. The intertwining of the urban and landscaping dimensions are characteristic of its work.

some produced projects: 
- Saint-Pierre's park in Amiens (France)
- Richard Lenoir's boulevard in Paris 11°and Arthur Rimbaud's walk in Paris 13°
- City's heart in Chartres (France)
-  African's plain in the "Tête d'Or"'s park in Lyon (France) 
- Grammont's parks in Rouen and Théodore Monod in Le Mans (France).

some projects in progress : 
- ZAC and Clichy-Batignolles' park in Paris (17°)
- West Seine Rive gauche sector in Rouen (France), -Eco-quarter of Flaubert bridge-
- Vallée aux Loups'park on Châtenay-Malabry et Plessis-Robinson areas 
- Bonne station in Grenoble (France)
- Bellecour and Jacobins places in Lyon (France)
- East-North plateau in Chartres (France)