Fondation Palladio


16 students were named winners of the "Palladio 2019 Scholarships", including 6 for the renewal of their 2018 scholarships, for the support of their research projects and for the innovative nature of their work.

Nathan Belval
, (University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée - Lab'Urba) : "Reconstructing the sound balance in the urban environment. »

Nicolas Descamps (University of Strasbourg and ENSA Strasbourg - AMUP Laboratory) : 2nd year thesis on "Project, Urban Governance and Citizen Participation in the Digital Age : Quayside Toronto, Google's Utopia. »

Marion Emery (University of Paris Est - LIAT Laboratory) : 1st year of thesis on "Challenging urban highway projects - 1956-1973. Paris in relation to major American and European cities, San Francisco and London. »

Bérénice Gaussuin (University Paris Est and ENSA Paris-Malaquais - LIAT Laboratory) : 5th year and end of thesis on "Conserving, demolishing, restoring. Historicality regimes at play in the work of Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. » 

Julien Glath (University Paris Est - Navier Laboratory) : 1st year thesis on "Construction-deconstruction of wooden structures: towards new concepts with robotic tools. »
Chems Eddine Hacini (University of Angers - ESO Laboratory): 3rd year thesis on "Impact of urban configuration on the accessibility of persons with reduced mobility in public space - the case of Algiers. »

Marie Mondain (University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - Géographie-Cités Laboratory) : 4th year thesis on "HLM organizations in the face of urban decline: Recomposition and strategies in the adaptation of local housing policies.»

Camille Picard (University Paris Est - Lab'Urba ): 2nd year thesis on "Taking into account population ageing in housing policies in Japan and France and the spatial and functional consequences on housing. » 

Alix Sportich du Réau (Ecole Normale Supérieure - Centre Jean Pépin) : 1st year thesis on "Decline and Heritage: morphological transformations of small town centres in decline. »

Rafaela Tirado (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and CSTB) : 2nd year thesis on "Characterization of the built stock allowing the realization of multi-scale energetic-environmental studies: knowing and understanding today's city to build the sustainable and resilient city of tomorrow. » 

Constance Berté
 (University Paris Est and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech - LATTS Laboratory) : 3rd year thesis on "Negotiated biodiversity. From theory to the application of the "avoid-reduce-compensate" sequence to urban projects. » 

Marie Bousaguet (University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - IRJS Laboratory) : 3rd year thesis on "Aging transmission: study of heritage transmission practices in the elderly. »

Pauline Detavernier (University Paris Est - LIAT Laboratory) : 3rd year thesis on "The walker and the station. From route design to the experience of pedestrian walkways (1837-2021). »

Magali Germain - De Bueil (University of Paris II Panthéon Assas - Civil Law Laboratory) : 2nd year thesis on "New techniques of real estate acquisition: alternatives to property law or new conception of property. »

Paula Mace Le Ficher (University Paris Est - Lab'Urba) : 2nd thesis on "The transformations of the city's factory through the prism of the transition of the food system." 

Edna Peza (University of Paris Diderot - CESSMA Laboratory) : 3rd thesis on "City of Fear: Urbanism, Society and Violence in Monterrey, Mexico. » 

The 2019 Bursary Committee was composed of Dominique Alba (APUR), Marjolaine Alquier de l'Épine (Covivio), Maryse Aulagnon (Finestate), Emmanuelle Baboulin (Icade), Axelle Baillet (HabX), Jérôme Durand (Sogelym Dixence), Alexandre Labasse (Pavillon de l'Arsenal), Brice Piechaczyk (Enia Architects), Étienne Riot (AREP), Bernard Roth and Marc Villand (Interconstruction).

The call for applications for the Palladio 2020 Scholarships was launched during this evening: it will close on 20 March 2020.