Prepare your visit

Guided tour, instructive workshop, group visit, weekend program, you can choose your Pavillon de l'Arsenal !

The Pavillon de l'Arsenal offers free or guided tours of the exhibitions as well as many different activities such as special events on weekends, educational workshops for children, group tours you may book online in advance, access to the museum’s specialised library which contains rare and unique books on architecture... how you wish to visit or revisit the Pavillon de l'Arsenal is completely up to you !

For weekend visits

Free guided tours, cultural outreach, puppet shows, themed brunches, People's University, landscaping conferences... Discover the different activities available on weekends.

For guided tours
Having a guided tour with one of our mediators is a moment for listening, learning and exchanging ideas on the different topics covered in the exhibitions. Every weekend, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal offers free guided tours of the permanent exhibition "Paris, la métropole et ses projets" (Paris, the metropolis and its projects) as well as the temporary ones. Mediators are also there to answer any questions you may have.

For group visits
For guided tours, you must book online for a group visit.
These tours are suited for students and recreation centres as well as adult groups and professionals. The guides for these tours are architects who invite you to discover the history of the Grand Paris (Greater Paris), the Baron Haussmann’s city, the issue of housing, the technical developments and many other matters involving architecture and the making of the city.
An online booking system is available so that you can choose the day of your visit.

For a visit to the documentation centre

This library, which is dedicated to the city of Paris, architecture and urbanism, provides all the public with access to hundreds of pictures and a fund of 70 000 photos from 1940 onwards.

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal receives "La Ruche qui dit Oui!" (The hive that says yes!)
La Ruche qui dit Oui! is a website and a network of communities which allows its clients to order online fresh products directly from local farmers whose farms are located less than 250 km away from Paris.
Every Saturday, you may come and collect your basket full of fresh products in the Pavillon de l'Arsenal’s great hall.