On February 2019, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal opened its Paris Recherche Program, which collects and features architectural, urban planning, landscape architecture, historical, heritage, and prospective research on Paris and the metropolis

 Open to students and researchers at France’s national architecture schools, as well as all of its universities and institutes of advanced study, the program constitutes a digital living corpus of doctoral dissertations, and master’s and undergraduate diploma theses.

Paris Recherche is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary tool that enables users to search for and locate works in a shared digital space accessible to everyone from March 2019 on the online platform Kentika. Our ambition is to highlight their authors and the issues they explore to create the library of reference for architectural and urban research as it applies to Paris and the metropolis as a whole. It is a public space for showcasing and sharing know-how (to be distributed with the authors’ consent) that supplements the Pavillon de l’Arsenal’s current activities through its website, newsletters, publications, and exhibitions.

If you are a student or a researcher, we invite you to participate in the creation of this metropolitan database by submitting your work using the online form below. 

Application form

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Please read the file name conventions below before uploading your file.

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File naming conventions

Please zip your documents into a single file if you are submitting multiple documents (e.g., Volume 1, Volume 2, etc.)

The files (in PDF, max. size: 500 MB zipped) must follow the following naming conventions:

For a Master’s 1 thesis:
M1_ yyyy_LAST NAME_First name_1 (yyyy = year thesis defended)
M1_ yyyy_LAST NAME_First name _2

For a Master’s 2 thesis:
M2_ yyyy_LAST NAME_First name _1
M2_ yyyy_LAST NAME_First name _2

For a dissertation:
PhD_yyyy_LAST NAME_First name_1

For example: Jean-Pierre Dupont, Architecture in Paris, Master’s 2 thesis written under the direction of Pierre-Jean Dupont, Université de Paris, 2018, 3 vol.
= M2_2018_DUPONT_Jean-Pierre_1
= M2_2018_DUPONT_Jean-Pierre_2
= M2_2018_DUPONT_Jean-Pierre_3


 Article 1. Format and composition

Dissertations and theses may only be filed electronically, in PDF format.

They must be accompanied by the above, completed form , which contains the metadata for their description, management, distribution and storage, as well as a resume in French and a list of keywords.

Article 2. Intellectual property

The author confirms that the digital version submitted today was successfully defended before the thesis director and the members of the jury.
The author remains solely responsible for its content and commits to observe the French Code of Intellectual Property and all applicable provisions of law, especially regarding citations or other uses of third-party works.
The author certifies that he/she is authorized to reproduce and distribute digitally all aspects of his/her dissertation or thesis.

Article 3. Distribution and storage

In observance of intellectual property rights, the author authorizes, free of charge, the indexing of his/her dissertation or thesis on the Pavillon de l’Arsenal’s online platform Kentika.
Depending on the type(s) of distribution selected above, the author consents to the consultation of his/her work on line or at terminals in the documentation center, free of charge.

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal shall not reuse the author’s work without his/her preliminary consent.

The author may withdraw this authorization to consultation by mailing an official request to the Documentation Center at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal. Such requests will be processed as quickly as possible. The complete address is:

Centre de documentation
Pavillon de l'Arsenal
21 boulevard Morland 75004 Paris